Who is Viola? Our mascot, a fictional nice person from a computer game :-D.

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We are planning the next test broadcast on December 15th and 16th, again at 1300 UTC,
so try listening there.

For more details and 'last minute info', sign up to our FaceBook Group:
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 If you don't have your own short wave receiver and a good aerial, try using a SDR receiver instead.

 SDR Receivers:

 http://www.websdr.org/    Menu..
 https://sdr.hu/    Menu (Kiwi) ..

 Here you will hear us best in the morning and in the afternoon:

 http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/?tune=5825AM    Twente Holland.
 http://lb5va.myddns.me:8073/    Oslo Norway.
 http://jnlb0dg4phlqpnun.myfritz.net:8073/    Hamborg.    Gotland Sweden.
 http://kiwisdr.sk3w.se:8073/    Fernebo Sweden.
 http://southwest.ddns.net:8073/    England.
 http://emeraldsdr.ddns.net:8073/    Ireland.

 Best at our night broadcasts:

 http://sdr.ok2kyj.cz:8073/    Czech republic.
 http://kiwisdr.hamspirit.de:8073/    Schweiz.    Nürnberg Deutschland.
 http://a5.t28.net:8073/    Ukraine.
 http://kiwisdr.briata.org:8073/    Italy.
 Or find one via the SDR-menu's.

 What is AM and what is ShortWave:

 https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/AM-radio    On Danish.

 Try also Google....


More technology:
Hvis du bor i det lokale område, så kan du se her om du kan høre os via 'jordbølgen'.